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Who We Are




NannyTucket provides families with access to the best babysitters and nannies on Nantucket Island.  Through our website, members can request a babysitter or nanny and review all of our fantastic childcare provider profiles. We take pride in providing the best candidates.  Learn about our qualification process .

NEW! Hands On Deck provides families and businesses with access to eager, capable helpers. 


In 2005, I found myself frustrated by the fact that I could not secure a GREAT babysitter without all the time consuming phone calls.  At the time, I was working as a live-in Nanny for the family of US Senator John and Elizabeth Edwards.  In order to keep up with the family’s busy schedule, I arranged for babysitters at home and on the campaign trail, even using several babysitting services.  Frequent travel and busy schedules made free time hard to find.  I could not avoid the endless time on the phone communicating to the agency and then to babysitters oftentimes exchanging voicemails only to find out that a babysitter was not available.

I thought: in the internet era people ought to be booking babysitters online.  The rest is history.  I founded NannyTucket: an online resource of readily available, pre-screened, qualified babysitters waiting for you to book and get back to enjoying your day on the island!

Heather C. North




What We Do


NannyTucket is an online resource whose mission is to provide Nantucket families with the ability to book pre-screened, qualified babysitters online.  Eliminating the endless phone calls and increasing the precious time and activities that the island can offer.

Our services also allows families to clearly communicate your Family Rules, Expectations, Allergies, Directions and other important information. Your Family will enter this information ONCE into our system and the babysitter will receive it each time a booking is made...again, allowing you more time for "the other things".

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