$37 Placement Fees are based on a per calendar day basis.

An additional fee of $10 for job placements with less than 1 calendar day notice,  job requests involving 2 or more families or extending over 8 hours.

Number of Placements NannyTucket Fee
One-Time NannyTucket Placement: $37
5 NannyTucket Placements: $150
10 NannyTucket Placements: $300
Placements greater than 4 consecutive weeks: $125/week
12 month NannyTucket Placement: $3,000*

*Market rate (10% of 1st year salary) applies to major metro markets,
including Boston, New York and DC.


Additional $10 will be applied on the following holidays: Memorial Day Weekend, July 3rd, 4th & 5th, Boston Pops, and Labor Day Weekend due to the demand for those evenings. If you wish to book one of those dates, we HIGHLY recommend doing so far in advance.


Job Requests will be confirmed via email communicating Job Details, Requirements, Sitter Hourly Rate, and the NannyTucket Fee. After a job is completed NannyTucket will send an electronic invoice to the Family (payable online) or charge the Family’s credit card for the placement fee.

Families are expected to compensate sitters directly for their childcare services.


You may cancel at any time prior to receiving the Confirmation Email.
Please email to cancel. We do not take cancellations over the phone.

Once the Confirmation Email has been sent and the Placement Process has been completed then the family is responsible for the NannyTucket Placement Fee.